The Winner Selection Process for a Contest

In a skill contest (a promotion in which winners are determined by skill versus chance) entrants are asked to submit a photo, an essay or a video as their entry.

When running a skill contest there are three methods for determining winners:

  1. Expert panel of judges
  2. Public voting of finalists
  3. Combination of public voting and expert panel judging

When an expert panel of judges is utilized, all entries are first reviewed to determine eligibility (to the Official Rules of the contest) and then are scored based on the judging criteria noted in the Official Rules.  The highest scored entry is the deemed the winner.

When the public is asked to vote (to determine a winner), the public is typically only voting on those entries deemed as finalists.  For instance, the ten highest scored entries are noted as finalists and made available for public vote over a defined time frame noted in the Official Rules.  Remember, it is best not to include a leader board or vote tallies in order to ensure the integrity of the public vote total.  The entry with the highest number of votes is deemed the winner.

To minimize the potential of voting fraud when asking the public to select a winner for a contest, a hybrid approach combining public voting and expert panel of judging is another avenue to consider.  In this scenario, finalist entries are made available for public voting (to aid on overall awareness and engagement); however the respective vote tallies only represent a small component of the overall score.  The balance of the respective score is determined via the results of expert panel of judging.  The highest scored entry is deemed the winner.

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